Are your bosses involved with your blog at all?
No. Though we love our bosses dearly, this blog is strictly an assistant’s take on getting into the publishing industry. Our views in no way reflect the views of our employers.

Do you take contributing bloggers?
Absolutely! If you have an idea for the blog (or better yet, a blog post written), visit our “Contribute” page and we’ll take a look. We’ll let you know if we want to publish it, and we’ll give you credit, of course.

I need a resource about publishing/editing/writing/getting into the industry. Do you know where I can find it?
If we don’t, we’ll tap into our resources and do our best to find the information for you! Just fill out the form on the Contact page. If you have a specific question about the publishing industry, you can submit that to us too. We’re not experts, but we know some pretty expert-like people.

What are your end goals?
Kelsey: That’s a little on the fuzzy side. Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans, right? But I hope to see myself as an editor, possibly at a huge publishing company or possibly at an indie press. Or possibly right where I am, if the opportunity opens up. I do have a solid plan to have a book published by the time I’m 30, though. You’ve got to have goals, right?
Sam: What’s that saying about a dog and a bone? I think I’m like that. My goal is the same one I had since high school. I hope to be a full-fledged literary agent, representing children’s books and young adult authors and artists.

What are you daily lives like?
Kelsey: Well, I work a million and one part-time jobs, take freelance work wherever I can get it, work as the editorial and administrative assistant for an independent book editor, and spend time on my own projects while exploring the art scene in Tampa. So…pretty busy. 😀
Sam: Working a million and one part-time jobs is one of the things that we have in common.  When I’m not assisting literary agents, I freelance as a cover designer, nanny and work on personal projects. I’m also into obstacle races. Sometimes, I even sleep! 😉

Do you have a question we didn’t cover here? Let us know by visiting the Contact page.

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